Fall 2012: Pre-Agenda

Wayne Smith III and Ashley Obasi have worked to update the look and content of the NABJ-SU website! Feel free to explore the new layout, photo’s and editorials.  We are extremely pleased with the makeover!
NABJ-SU is dedicated to volunteering and serving the children of the Syracuse City School District (SCSD), and thus we will continue our community service efforts in collaboration with Salem Hyde Elementary School and Meachem Elementary. Last year we worked closely with the Say Yes to Education after-school coordinators of both schools to implement after-school sessions revolving journalism and poetry to create interactive ways of teaching the students about effective writing in the classroom, and we will do the same this year.
We are also in the works of attaining a few guest speakers for the year. More details to come. As always, follow us @NABJ_SU for the latest news on the Fall 2012 semester.
@NABJ_SU: What do you think of the new site?