“Women of Distinction” featuring Gabrielle Union

fx_MG_5196Women of Distinction SYRACUSE, NY (October 10, 2012) –
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in collaboration with The National Association of Black Journalists, Syracuse University chapter (NABJ-SU) hosted a panel of four women of distinction: Actress Gabrielle Union, Director of the Syracuse Community Folk Art Center- Kheli R. Willetts, Director of the Ronald E. McNair Achievement Award- Christabel Sheldon  and the Dean of the S.I. Newhouse School of Publications- Lorraine Branham. The following is an in-depth recap of the convention from members of NABJ Syracuse University Chapter: 



Union addressing the crowd

The panel discussion was excellent, all four women gave great answers to the questions asked based on their background. Each woman of color came from different walks of life, and was able to express their point of view on each topic based on the challenges they faced. One thing that stood out to me was how forthcoming all the women were, but especially the guest speaker Ms. Union. Since she is a celebrity I would not have expected her to be so open and forth coming. She truly was an open book about her life and was willing to answer any question given to her”- Olivia Johnson (Freshmen) 


Willetts & Sheldon

I think the Women of Distinction event was an absolute success. The SU campus has very much been in need of a genuine event that celebrates and acknowledges strong and successful women of color. I think Gabrielle Union was the ideal guest because she is a positive role model and has an extremely genuine nature about her. Lawrence K Jackson (Junior) 

The panel provided interesting insight on  business from their prospective fields.  They also provided helpful advice for common struggles that Minority women endure every day. Rikki Addams (Junior)


Branham & Union sharing insights

“I appreciated the dialogue from the women on stage. No route to success comes easily. Each woman on the panel shared their own personal experiences and how they overcame personal trials in order to get where they are today. They each talked about how the media effects the image of a woman and how we can continue to empower each other today. I felt empowered and I want to project a positive image for women too”- President, Christina Jones (Senior)


Union took time after the event to answer personal questions from the remaining viewers.

Being part of the Women of Distinction Panel with Gabrielle Union was definitely a gratifying experience. In having this conversation with the panelists, I was able to relate these issues that are very much intertwined with my goals and person. Overall, the event enabled for great dialogue; I had a great time prepping and finally co-hosting the event”–  Isabel Herrera (Junior)

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Photo Credit: Ousman Richard Diall