ROLAND MARTIN “Tells it Like it is”

 On February 6th, 2013 NABJ-SU had the honor of hosting award-winning author, journalist and political analyst, Roland Martin. Martin engaged in a thought-provoking conversation discussing the political landscape and insight regarding recent issues concerning Americans. He also spoke of his unparalleled experience of becoming an acclaimed, journalist. NABJ-SU created extensive marketing and promotion application, the result, having over 200 members of the student body in attendances. The members of NABJ-SU agree this has been one of our greatest  events to date. The following is more insights from our E-Board.


Roland Martin & Kelvin Sherman

“NABJ-SU had another great event! The discussion gave the audience something to think about, laugh about, and the inspirational energy to move forward in the media industry. Roland Martin, a very down-to-earth news analyst addressed about many hot topics. A point that stuck with me was his view on gun control policy: he said that creating a law about who can/can not possess weapons is only part of the issue. The psychological source of the violence needs to be equally (if not more) dealt with. Syracuse students enjoyed their time with Roland Martin and are looking forward to upcoming NABJ-SU guests and speakers.”-Candice Frank (Junior)

Roland Receives Gift

Roland Receives a Gift from NABJ-SU

“I felt Roland Martin’s visit to campus proved very insightful to many that attended. It gave all a chance to hear him voice his opinion away from the spotlight of television, making way for touchy subjects to be discussed in a thought-provoking manner.”– Troy James (Junior)


Roland Listens to a Question from the Audiences.

“Martin said a lot of profound words that I couldn’t help but to take note of in my phone. One statement that spoke volumes to me was when he said “As you go forward in media, do not be afraid to be an extrovert. That plays a role in terms of building your fan base and building your audience.” Martin has built his strong credibility from his outgoing, outspoken vernacular. I feel like there is no excuse to not be successful when the power virtualluy lies in one’s own hands, just by creating one’s self and being courageous to make one’s talent known. I can honestly say that after meeting Mr. Martin, I have pushed my self harder, and I’m already seeing results, he is truly an inspiring man.” -Ashley Obasi (Junior)

Roland provided students, faculty, and ambassadors an insightful conversation on hot-topic issues such as the budget deficit and sequester, immigration, higher education costs, and pretty much everything that affects us all in this country today. A lot of students walked away having learned information they didn’t even know was going on around them. Personally, I learned how to gain power in the newsroom. At one point in the conversation Roland said that the person in power of a news show is not necessarily the person in front of the camera…it is the person behind the scenes, or the producer who is in control and in power. Then he gave the audience one of the best pieces of advice I’d ever heard – it really stuck with me…he said, “Your presence here at Syracuse goes beyond here. Remind yourself everyday that you cannot be silent in the face of nonsense.” Roland helped me confirm why I am going to pursue a career as a producer and why it’s important as a producer not to stay silent but to put a voice to communities and stories that go unheard and untold. Sometimes all you need to hear is a bit of advice from a mentor you look up to in the industry…just to give you that extra push. And that night Roland did just that. It was a great success! -Christina Jones (President)