Opinion: Why the riots in Ferguson will not solve racial issues in US


Why the riots in Ferguson will not solve racial issues in US

By: Cherokee Hubbert

Ferguson, MO has become a war zone since the riots on August 10th in response to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, who was unarmed, by police on August 9th. Michael Brown’s death serves as a blatant reminder that racial problems still plague America.

When the smoke clears and all involved parties disperse, Ferguson will still need to deal with a system that has oppressed the black community. For those who are not familiar with St.Louis, Ferguson is a suburb in north St.Louis County. Ferguson has a predominately black population. According to the St.Louis Post Dispatch, St.Louis is the 6th most racially segregated city in the country.

The images of QuikTrip being burned to the ground and people robbing stores has become the face of the black community that the media wants to see. The root of the problem does not lie in the destruction of property, it lies in the system that devastates black communities around America.

Michael Brown is only one example of the danger of being black in America. Recently, James Crawford III was shot and killed by police in a Walmart in southwest Ohio for pointing an air rifle at customers. Then there’s the cases of Trayvon Martin and Renisha McBride, who were killed by civilians for appearing “threatening.”

The riots in Ferguson have not brought answers to the reasons why the black population is constantly under attack. They do not offer any explanations as to why the black community is still struggling for equality in 2014. The riots are adding fuel to the racial fire of America.

The outbreak of violence by police and civilians has taken away from the topic at hand: what the brutal murder of an 18 year old means for America. Behind the tear gas of police and the anger that boils in the hearts of protestors in Ferguson, lies unanswered questions of how many more people do we have to lose before change comes for Black America.

IMG_1577Cherokee Hubbert

Public Relations Major

August 14 2015