Audience Reactions to “The Many Hats of Sway”

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Audience Reactions to “The Many Hats of Sway”

By: Shantel Destra

Through the years, the Syracuse University chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists has proven to be among the strongest chapters of the world-renowned organization. In welcoming pioneers of the media industry to speak to Syracuse University students year after year, the chapter has rightfully earned its title as the 2013 Student Chapter of the Year. On Thursday, November 13, 2014, Syracuse University students from a wide range of majors were able to learn amazing career lessons from a man who has undoubtedly made his mark on the media industry: Mr. Sway Calloway.

“It was a very inspiring event! I loved how Sway talked about his journey starting out as a regular person pursuing a rap career and blossoming into the star he is today”, said Sierra Hicks, a freshman information management and technologies major. Sway made it a point to start the event by introducing his life story to the crowd, going over his journey from rapper to distinguished journalist. Sway’s willingness to be vulnerable and transparent, from the beginning of the event, allowed the audience to establish a deep connection to him as a speaker.

Another student, Dominic Samuels, an Health and Exercise Science major, stated, “I liked that Sway talked about finding passions. Sway said that once you find a passion, nothing will seem like work. This was very motivating to me”. Not only did he explicitly talk about his career journey, Mr. Calloway made it a point to share valuable life lessons and words of wisdom to all of the students working towards success.

When asked what she was taking away from the event, Maxine Williams, a freshman Television, Radio and Film major, smiled with content. “Sway honestly taught me so much! I loved that he shared his willingness to go the extra mile in his career and he preached pursuing a career that you are passionate about”, said Maxine.

When asked the closing question by host Speedy Mormon on what he would say to a student who was looking to be successful and sit in his seat on day, Sway said, “I would tell that student to create your own seat. No one can take your position if you create it. Treat your craft as truly special and learn every aspect of everything. The canvas is blank and the grounds are fertile. There is nothing we can’t do. Take advantage of that”.