Review: “The Many Hats of Sway”

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Review: “The Many Hats of Sway”

By: Fatima Bangura

“Don’t worry about being broke, the money will come if you are good at what you do.”

Breathe a sigh of relief. This comes from the reality that at some point many college students have been told they should be willing to work for free or that when they graduate, their first job will pay them next to nothing.

The Syracuse University chapter of the National Association of Broadcast Journalists presented multimedia entertainment journalist Sway Calloway for a two-part event.

On Thursday, November 13, Sway was in the Newhouse’s Herg Auditorium, where he spoke about his journey into multimedia entertainment and journalism. He was also interviewed by Christopher “Speedy” Morman, a junior studying Broadcast & Digital Journalism in the Newhouse School.

With nearly every seat filled, the Herg was packed with all kinds of people coming out to watch and listen to the rapper-turned-journalist. At every second, smiling faces and flashing cameras decorated the room. The monotone buzz of jittered voices shot up suddenly when the man of ‘many hats’ walked into the Herg.

Sway began the interaction by engaging the crowd in a little hip-hop history. He joked with the audience about the lack of connection due to generational differences, but was finally able to connect with the mention of Big Bank Hank, a prominent member of the iconic rap group Sugarhill Gang.

From there, Sway continued explaining his experiences: the good times when doors of opportunity were flying opening and the bad times when they were slamming shut. But Sway talked about a time when he said ‘no’ to what could have been a great opportunity. His reason: he did not believe in jeopardizing his integrity for an entity or for money.

He encouraged the crowd to not worry about the money. Instead, he urged the audience (especially students) to never compromise their integrity and to “create their own seat [because] nobody can duplicate that.”

If nobody wants to open the door of opportunity to invite you in, let that be your motivation to build your own metaphorical house. That way you have created a venue for people just like you to have a place to let their ideas flourish.

So as Sway said “don’t worry about being broke, the money will come if you are good at what you do.” So the world lies in your hands. Excel in your abilities to create and self-express so you can reap the work that you sew.

This morning, Sway broadcast his radio show, Sway in the Morning on Sirius XM, live from Newhouse’s newly renovated Dick Clark Studios. Once again, there was a great turnout. In and out of the studio were a wide variety of students. There were students associated with other organizations taking photos and manning videography, a representative of THE General Body spoke about the ongoing protests for diversity and transparency on campus, and some students got the opportunity to showcase their lyrical talent on air.

On Twitter, NABJ-SU received overwhelming praise and gratitude for hosting the influential man of ‘many hats’. It was a successful event and awesome networking experience. Hats off to NABJ!