Meeting Recap II: 2/4/2015

GB Meeting II

For the second meeting of the spring, the general body and the attending board members discussed a wide array of topics including meeting days. We are experimenting with alternate meeting days between Wednesday and Thursday because of member availability. Please make note of these changes and schedule accordingly.

Dues are $10 every semester. Paying your dues coming with benefits from the NABJ SU chapter such as exclusive seating at the speaker events.

Elections for e-board will be held at the end of the year. If interested, just know this is NOT a popularity contest. Although we do vote for the e-board, good ways of being considered is becoming heavily involved with the upcoming events as well as the community service.

Our community service chair, Elijah Biggins, was able to find an opportunity for NABJ to do participate in every Wednesday afternoon from 2:30-3:00. Each week, members will go to the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central to help with their after school journalism program. The program, directed by Nicholas Lisi, helps to assist the high school students in editing and revising articles as well as helping with photography and video production. If you are free and are interested in becoming involved with the organization and community, this is the perfect opportunity.

Topics Discussed

  • Miss Universe Pageant 2015: Should Miss Jamaica have taken home the crown? Are the contestants actually using the money to pay for them to get through college or if it is another way to exploit women with this same concept of beauty being shown?
  • WCC: A Syracuse club is trying to be recognized as a RSO which is promoting to a certain extent that it is exclusive for white members only. We discussed the reactions towards what the creation of this club could mean.

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