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IMG_3832 (1)“Review: The Many Hats of Sway”-November 14, 2014

“Don’t worry about being broke, the money will come if you are good at what you do.”

Breathe a sigh of relief. This comes from the reality that at some point many college students have been told they should be willing to work for free or that when they graduate, their first job will pay them next to nothing. Click for full article!


Sway- I got the answers“Who Got the Answers-November 14, 2014”

You may know him as the man who wears many hats or for his work that dominated hip hop culture in the 90s and early 2000s. He is still working today with his shows “Sway in the Morning“(radio) and Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave” (television). Students and faculty of Syracuse University had the pleasure of hearing how Sway Calloway climbed the mountain to success on the evening of November 13, 2014. Click for full article!


Sway image“Audience Reactions to The Many Hats of Sway”-November 14, 2014

Through the years, the Syracuse University chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists has proven to be among the strongest chapters of the world-renowned organization. In welcoming pioneers of the media industry to speak to Syracuse University students year after year, the chapter has rightfully earned its title as the 2013 Student Chapter of the Year. Click for full article!


Val Boreland“Opinion: Stigma of Women in Hip Hop”- November 6, 2014″

By the title of this article, I’m sure you’re asking yourself this exact question and hopefully calling your girlfriends to discuss the topic. It isn’t a secret that Hip Hop is a male dominated industry. Most of the time, women name males when discussing higher ups as their role models. Of course, that isn’t an issue because who doesn’t admire the brilliance of L.A.Reid or Nas’ Illmatic word play? However, women need to become familiar with the ladies of hip hop who play just as an important role as men. Click for full article!


CollegeProblems image revised“#CollegeProblems, Season 2, Episode 5″-November 6, 2014”

Casby Bias Productions presents an episode from the animated web series, “#CollegeProblems!” The series takes a humorous/sassy look at vexing college student issues. This clip addresses racial profiling incidents that occur on college campuses. Click for full article & video!


We are underground founders“Introducing Underground Founders”-November 6, 2014″

Underground Founders is a media group containing journalists, photographers, fashionistas, graphic designers, and musicians. We are the identifiable source for creative urban youth. The website is currently under reconstruction and will relaunch in the Spring of 2015. Click for full article & video!


Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.45.17 PM“The Honor Role: Interview with Rick Gonzalez”-October 16, 2014″

The Honor Role is an all-inclusive, lifestyle media network catered to the needs and wants of college students everywhere. Recently, we launched Honor Role TV, our way of connecting with our audience visually. Though The Honor Role is driven by daily campus life, it is also a destination for music, style, and sports, giving its audience full coverage of everything new. A few weeks back, our very own Speedy Morman got the chance to sit down with actor-turned-rapper Rick Gonzalez. They spoke about Coach Carter, his rap career, and even almost got into a fight! Click for the full interview!

NBA Comes to the Dome“NBA Comes to the Dome”-October 13, 2014″

SYRACUSE, N.Y.  – There will be plenty of Orange in the mix when the New York Knicks take on the Philadelphia 76ers in an NBA preseason game at the Carrier Dome on October 14. The Knicks feature perennial all-star Carmelo Anthony, who led the Orange to the 2003 NCAA Championship, while the 76ers have former SU standouts Michael Carter-Williams and Jerami Grant on its roster. Click for full article!


Ferguson photo“Documentation: A Day in Ferguson”-October 10, 2014″

Activists and volunteers from across the country traveled to Ferguson Labor Day weekend, three weeks after the fatal shooting of Mike Brown, for a national rally against police brutality and for a weekend of activism.

Six people from Syracuse traveled to Ferguson for the national rally against police brutality and to help lend their skills to local Ferguson activists. Click for full article & video!




stress“Opinion: African Americans and Mental Health”- September 18, 2014″

Mental health has long been misconstrued as a nonexistent or minute concern within lower income neighborhoods throughout the country. Click for full article!


Riots-in-Ferguson-mikebrown“Opinion: Why the Riots in Ferguson will not solve racial issues in U.S.- August 14, 2014”

Ferguson, MO has become a war zone since the riots on August 10th in response to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, who was unarmed, by police on August 9th.  Click for full article!


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